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Sophia Savvage has the strength of every powerful woman within her. She is Susan B Anthony, Sojourner Truth, Frida Kahlo, Simone De Beauvoir, and all women who fought for and paved the way for modern feminism.  Sophia Savvage expresses her strength through her presence and style and unapologetically requires every woman who wears her pieces to find their strength and courage in their stride and their speech. As a brand, we hope to help every woman find their inner strength and teach every young girl to live with boundless dreams.
The brand was founded by two sisters, Symoun Singh and Stacey Grenan in 2020, who’s only riches was love, found strength and courage within each other and ultimately in themselves. Feminism is a continuous movement, where we hope every woman who wears our bold unique pieces to find their power, their voice and ultimately their place in this world.
Forever Feminine - Sophia Savvage